How to Find the Best Camping Kettle

How to Find the Best Camping Kettle That’s Not Heavy

Camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and get away from your day-to-day life. But when you go camping, what is the first thing that comes to mind? If it’s hot coffee and a nice warm breakfast in the morning, then you’re going to need a camping kettle.

Camping kettles are a great way to enjoy hot drinks while camping, hiking, or just enjoying the outdoors. A camping kettle is an outdoor stove that boils water for cooking or boiling eggs. They typically use propane or butane as fuel.

This blog post will cover what a camping kettle is, how it works, and some camping kettle recommendations that you can take with you on your next outdoor adventure.

What Is a Camping Kettle?

A camping kettle is a large metal pot that is designed for cooking outdoors. It works similarly to a stovetop kettle but is designed to be used outside.

Camping kettles usually come with a spout and a handle that allows you to set the pot over an open flame while cooking your food. The handle can also hang from a hook or stand up on its own when not in use. It should also have lids for boiling water, which comes in handy if you want hot drinks like coffee or tea during your trip.

How Do Camping Kettles Work?

camping kettle

The best way to cook food using a traditional camping kettle is over an open fire pit. It takes about 10 – 20minutes to bring water up to boiling, so it should only be done when you have plenty of time.

However, as well as kettles that sit on an open flame, you can also get ones that are electric. These use a heating element that will only work when it has power, but they can also be plugged into an outside outlet.

Camping kettles should normally have either steel or cast iron bottoms, which help to spread heat evenly during cooking. They also come in different sizes and colors for your convenience. With all these choices available at your fingertips choosing the best one might seem like a tricky task… Don’t worry though; we put together some reviews of our favorite kettles below.

What are the Different Types of Camping Kettles?

As mentioned above, there are two main types of camping kettles: ones that you use with a stove, and an electric kettle that plugs into an outdoor main. Let’s look at both of these types in more detail.


An electric camping kettle is a great choice if you want to drink tea and coffee while out in the wilderness. They are designed with an electric element that heats up quickly, no matter where you are camping


This type is the most common because it can be used with virtually any cooking stove or open flame like a fire pit. They are normally made out of cast iron, which means the bottom will spread heat evenly and last longer than other materials.

Most kettles in this category will have a handle on the side and lid so you can use them to boil water for drinks or other cooking needs.

What Should You Look For in a Camping Kettle?

camping kettle

There are plenty of things to look out for when considering what kind of camping kettle to purchase. Here are some important factors you should consider before making a final decision:


Camping kettles usually come in sizes between 0.75 liters and 3 liters, so it’s best to pick one depending on what your needs are for cooking or heating up water while out in the wilderness and how many people you will need to provide drinks for.

Shape and material

Also, be sure to consider the shape of the camping kettle and what material it’s made out of. Certain shapes make clean-up much easier after use. A camping kettle can be made from either steel or cast iron; each has its own pros and cons.

Size of the kettle

The size of the kettle is another big factor to consider when you’re looking for one. The best camping kettles are lightweight and small enough so they don’t take up too much room in your backpack, but you can also get some larger ones if you have a big family.

The Lid

Having a lid that can close while cooking ensures nothing spills out using the kettle and helps the water to boil faster. It also keeps bugs from getting inside and makes cleaning easy by stopping splashes during the boiling time. Stainless steel lids will last longer than silicone ones because rust isn’t an issue, but the latter makes it easier to check how food is doing without having to remove anything.


Having a handle is an absolute must so you can hold the kettle steady and pour water once it’s boiled. Some camping kettles have two handles, which allows you to hold them even steadier. Be sure to note what the handles are made from, the size of the handles, and any additional grip that they might have.

Size of the opening

This is very important because it will affect how easy the kettle will pour and also how easy it is to clean your kettle after use. Kettles with smaller openings are harder to clean, but ones that have larger openings can be difficult to control when pouring water into them without spilling everywhere.


Camping kettles usually come in either cast iron or steel; each material has its own pros and cons. Make sure you find a camping kettle that’s not only made from high-quality materials but also one that won’t break easily if dropped on rocks while hiking around in the wilderness.

Ease of Cleaning

The best camping kettles are usually made from stainless steel because they don’t rust easily and can be wiped clean without using any detergents. Cast iron kettles are also super easy to clean but require a lot more effort because you can’t use scrubbing sponges on them.


Of course, all camping kettles will be portable, but some are easier to transport than others because of their size. They also should be lightweight so you don’t feel like they’re weighing you down when you’re on the move.

How is the Water Heated?

Do you prefer a stovetop camping kettle or an electric one? There are benefits and drawbacks to each type. The stovetop kettles usually take longer to boil the water and require you to use a portable gas burner or cooktop like those used in caravans, whereas electric kettles can be plugged into any power outlet for heat up, which might be inconvenient if you don’t have a power outlet at your campsite.


The price of your camping kettle will depend on what features you need, what type of material it’s made from, and how much brand power affects your decision. The best camping kettles are usually the ones that have affordable price tags without having to sacrifice quality.

Ease of Use

Camping kettles aren’t exactly hard to use, but some are easier than others. For example, those with a whistling sound when the water is boiling will prevent you from having to constantly check if it has boiled yet! That being said, safety should always come first so make sure you only heat up as much water as needed.


Lastly, consider the weight of your camping kettle. You don’t want to be carrying around something that weighs more than you can handle, especially if it doesn’t have a sturdy enough frame. Usually, kettles weigh between 400g and 800g but some are lighter or heavier depending on their features.

What’s the Best Camping Kettle Made Of??

camping kettle

Camping kettles are usually made from stainless steel, titanium, or aluminum. Some are also collapsible and are made from a mixture of aluminum and plastics.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel camping kettles are the easiest to clean and also last longer because they don’t rust easily; however, they can be quite heavy if you buy one that has a large base.


Aluminum kettles are some of the best because they’re lightweight and easy to transport, but tend to wear out quicker than other types; if you do choose an aluminum kettle then make sure it has plenty of rubber grips so you don’t burn yourself.


Titanium kettles are usually the more expensive option as they’re some of the strongest and most durable materials around, but they can also be super lightweight.


Collapsible kettles are usually made from a mixture of aluminum or plastics and are pretty lightweight. These kettles can be easily collapsed if you don’t need them, which is perfect for saving space in your backpack.

What Features do Camping Kettles Have?

Some of the best camping kettles come with whistling sounds so that there’s no need to constantly check if it has boiled yet.

Others might come with built-in lids or spouts, which can be super helpful when you need to pour out the hot water.

Some will have a handle that’s either detachable or foldable, which is perfect for storing it in your backpack without taking up too much room.

These are just some of the features most camping kettles come with but make sure to check what they’re made from and how easy they are to clean before buying one.

The Major Differences Between Camping and Household Kettles


There are many differences between camping kettles and household ones. They can be used to perform the exact same tasks, but there are some unique features that you won’t find in a regular kettle.

For example, camping kettles will be easily portable, have various markings on them for measuring purposes while others might come with lids made from silicone instead of stainless steel. Some camping kettles also have smaller openings to prevent any boiling water from spilling out.

Here are some of the most commonly experienced advantages and disadvantages of camping kettles:

The Advantages of Camping Kettles

  • They are smaller – Usually, camping kettles are much smaller than standard kitchen kettles so they’re easier to carry around. They might be portable but don’t underestimate their size because even the bigger ones can fit into most hiking backpacks.
  • They have multiple uses – Camping kettle isn’t just used for boiling water; you can also use them to cook other foods. So, if you’re looking for a kettle that will double up as your cooking pot while camping then it might be worth investing in one.
  • They are lightweight – Some kettles are much lighter than others so make sure you check the weight before buying anything. If you think the kettle is too heavy then don’t buy it because you will end up regretting your decision.

The Disadvantages of Camping Kettles

  • They take longer to heat water – Compared to other types of boiling devices like microwaves and electric cookers, a camping kettle takes much longer since they only use the power from small portable gas burners or cooking ranges.
  • They are more expensive – Not only do they usually cost more than regular kettles but you might end up paying extra for any additional features that come with the camping kettle! If you’re looking to save money then it might be best to stick to household kettles; however, there is no harm in purchasing one if you have the extra cash.
  • They are less convenient – Sometimes, it can be a pain to bring camping kettles with you because they don’t work without portable burners or cooking ranges. That being said, most people wouldn’t want to carry around an electric kettle anyway so this isn’t much of a disadvantage.

Our Top Camping Kettle Recommendations

We chose these camping kettles based on affordability, ease of use, and availability.

Mountain Warehouse Camping Kettle – Lightweight Stove Kettle, Durable Aluminium

Mountain Warehouse Camping Kettle

This aluminum camping kettle by mountain warehouse is lightweight and durable. It has a capacity of 0.80 liters, making it the ideal size for your morning cups of tea on the moors with its green silicone handle also proving to be stylish and functional in all weather conditions.

The kettle is designed in aluminum, anodized, lightweight, and compact. With a small design, this camping accessory is easy to pack up and travel with. This product makes great use outdoors, perfect for any outdoor excursion or trip away.

The camping kettle by mountain warehouse is designed out of aluminum, lightweight, and compact making it easy to pack up and move around while also featuring a small design so you don’t have any extra bulk during travel or outdoor excursions; great for festivals or general use outdoors.


  • Aluminum material is lightweight and durable
  • 0.80 liters capacity for morning cups of tea or coffee on the moors
  • Silicone handles are safe, functional, have good grip, and stylish


  • Can be awkward to clean after each use

2.5L STAINLESS Steel Lightweight Whistling Kettle Camping Fast Boil

2.5L STAINLESS Steel Lightweight Whistling Kettle Camping Fast Boil

This traditional whistling camping kettle is very sturdy and well made. It is suitable for use with gas, electricity, and vitro induction and can be used on low to medium heat.

This is a superb traveling kettle and has a whistle attached to the spout, and is finished with a cream body. It has a phenolic handle that folds for easy storage and saves plenty of space in your camping bag. However, despite its compactable features, the kettle has a good capacity of 2.5 liters, enough for a family of 4 to comfortable have a cup of tea.

The whistling spout is a great feature that makes it easy to know when the water is ready. Plus, there are no cleaning issues, as this kettle can be easily cleaned with a household detergent. Although, it’s not suitable for dishwashers. There are a number of great camping kettles out there, and this one has everything you need.


  • Handy whistle spout lets you know when water is boiling,
  • Foldable handle for easy storage
  • 2.5-liter capacity
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction


  • Not suitable for dishwashers

iBasingo 800ml Water Kettle Titanium Gooseneck Spout Lightweight Outdoor Camping Drinkware with Anti-scalding Handle

iBasingo 800ml Water Kettle Titanium Gooseneck Spout Lightweight Outdoor Camping Drinkware with Anti-scalding Handle

This well-made titanium camping kettle is suitable for outdoor and indoor use. It is durable enough to last for a long time.

This gooseneck camping kettle is easy to fill and clean, the spout cover can protect the spout from being bumped around or broken in your bag. It’s suitable for either solo campers or family use and will meet all of your daily water needs in outdoor activities, such as hiking, fishing, and more.

The titanium construction is sturdy, yet incredibly lightweight, and the kettle is the perfect size for a camping kettle – not too small and not too large. It weighs only 0.19 pounds which makes it one of the most lightweight on this list, easy to carry around on any length of the camping trip. It’s also easy to fill with water from any angle.

The handle design is great because you don’t have to worry about burning your hands when you’re pouring hot water into a cup or pot. It has an anti-scalding rope design, so it’s very comfortable to hold and pour without worrying about hurting yourself in the process. Plus, when not in use, it can fold down for easy storage inside your bag.


  • Anti-scalding rope design handle prevents burns
  • Easy to fill and clean
  • Foldable handle for easy storage inside the bag


  • More expensive than other models

Lakeland Travel Kettle Set with Beakers, Spoons, Divided Container & Bag

Lakeland Travel Kettle Set with Beakers, Spoons, Divided Container & Bag

If you’re after an electric travel kettle, this set from Lakeland has everything you need. It comes with a bag, two beakers, and spoons to make your next outdoor adventure easy and comfortable.

The kettle is constructed of plastic which makes it lightweight enough for traveling but sturdy enough not to break easily like some other travel kettles do (for instance, if they’re made out of a light metal which is not very durable). The kettle itself has a 500ml capacity, perfect for two people to share a cup of tea or coffee.

The beakers are of good quality and the spoons included with this set can be used as multi-purpose utensils (ideal when you’re camping because it’s one less thing to carry with you that doesn’t serve a purpose). The kettle is also very easy to clean and can be done using nothing more than some household dish soap.

It is electric, so will require a socket and electricity outlet to use, however, for campervans, road trips, or campsites with electricity, it’s ideal. It can also be brought along in hotel rooms or caravans.


  • Lightweight & sturdy plastic construction
  • Comes in a bag for easy storage


  • Can only hold 500ml, so may not be enough for larger families

ROBENS Stainless Steel Kettle ‘White River’ Silver

ROBENS Stainless Steel Kettle 'White River' Silver

This ROBENS stainless steel kettle is made of high-quality, polished stainless steel. It has a stable tripod with a carrying handle and the base comes with an integrated foldable holder for stowing away when it is not needed. The kettle itself can hold up to three liters which should be more than enough for most families or groups that go camping together.

Its sturdy construction means you don’t need to worry about this kettle tipping over while you’re cooking your food – it’s perfect for outdoor use. The handle is also very comfortable and easy to hold onto, even when the water inside is boiling hot.

It can be washed very easily by hand making it one of the more convenient kettles on this list. It’s also one of the most reasonably priced, so is a good option for families who are on a budget but still want to get their hands on a large stovetop camping kettle.


  • Comfortable handle
  • Sturdy & well-constructed
  • Large 3-liter capacity


  • Bulky to carry around

Outwell Collaps Kettle, Lime Green, 2.5 Litre

Outwell Collaps Kettle, Lime Green, 2.5 Litre

This collapsible kettle by Outwell is a great idea for any family that is going camping. It can be folded down to a compact size which makes it easy to transport in the car or on foot, even when you’re carrying lots of other items with you as well.

When expanded, this kettle has a capacity of 2500ml and comes with an insulated cover so you don’t have to worry about it tipping over when you’re pouring it into a cup or mug. It can be used on both gas and electric stoves, making it very versatile for whatever stovetop set up you have going in your campsite kitchen.

It’s also dishwasher safe, making it even easier to clean than most camping kettles after a weekend away. Although the construction is sturdy enough, with a combination of metal and BPA-free plastic and it claims to be break-proof, it’s not quite as durable as some of the other camping kettles on this list.


  • Large capacity of 2500ml
  • Can be placed directly onto the stove for heating without burning your hands
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Includes a sturdy insulated cover for storing water between uses that protects you from your hot liquids spilling everywhere.


  • Not as durable as metal kettles


Question: How Does a Camping Kettle Work?

Answer: A camping kettle works by using a portable stove to heat up the water inside. Just like with regular kettles, you can tell when it’s boiling because of its whistle function. However, there are also electric kettles that work by being plugged into a portable power outlet.

Question: How Much Does a Camping Kettle Weigh?

Answer: Camping kettles usually range in weight between 400g and 800g depending on their features.

Question: Do you Need a Kettle When You Are Camping?

Answer: Kettles are very convenient to have while camping because they can be used for boiling water or cooking. However, some people wouldn’t mind carrying around an electric kettle, and, if your campsite has an electrical outlet, this is certainly a viable option. Others can make do without a kettle entirely and prefer to boil water in a pot on an open fire. So it comes down to personal preference.

Question: How Long Does a Camping Kettle Take to Boil?

Answer: Camping kettles usually take longer to heat up water compared to microwaves and electric cookers, however, they are still much faster than using a regular saucepan over the stove. Most camping kettles will only need between 10 – 20 minutes before it’s ready for use.

Question: What is an Advantage of Camping Kettles?

Answer: One major advantage of camping kettles is that they usually come with multiple uses, they are simple to use and easy to carry around in your camping gear. They can be used for boiling water and cooking over a stove or campfire, depending on what your preference is.

Question: Can You Use a Camping Kettle on a BBQ?

Answer: Yes, a camping kettle can be used on most BBQ grills. However, you will need to make sure the grill is compatible with your specific camping kettle before buying one.

Question: Are Collapsible Kettles Safe?

Answer: Yes, most collapsible kettles are safe. Some collapsible camping kettles might contain BPA (Bisphenol-A) in their plastic components, however, most companies will usually say whether or not the kettle you are looking to purchase is free of this chemical.

Question: What do Camping Kettles Cost?

Answer: Camping kettles usually cost between $20-$60 depending on the type of features they have. For example, if you want a kettle that can also be used for cooking then this will add to its overall price.

Question: What is the Life Expectancy of a Camping Kettle?

Answer: Camping kettles are usually made from stainless steel or aluminum so they can last for a long time. They also have fewer parts compared to regular electric kettles, making it easier to maintain and clean them, and makes them less prone to limescale build-up. On average, a quality camping kettle will last between 8 – 10 years.


A camping kettle can be very useful while you are out and about. The whistle function will let you know when it’s boiling, and if your campsite has an electricity outlet (or a portable burner), then there is no need to worry about carrying around one of these heavy items.

It also works well for cooking over an open fire or camp stove; however, make sure that the grill on which it sits is compatible with your specific model before buying one. We hope this blog post has been useful and you now see how a camping kettle can be very useful while you are out in the wilderness.

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